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The Fukin Burger Brand offers an opportunity for individuals interested in obtaining an E-2 investor visa, a non-immigrant visa that grants temporary residency in the United States. By owning 50% of an existing restaurant and partnering with a local American operator, you, your spouse, and children can qualify for the E-2 visa for up to 5 years. The visa can be renewed indefinitely as long as the business meets the necessary requirements. With a $150,000 investment for the 50% partnership, there is no need to actively work as the restaurant is operated by the local American partner. Additional investments are not required until the business generates positive cash flow. The benefits of this visa include the opportunity to profit in U.S. dollars on a monthly basis and the option to upgrade to the EB-5 visa, which offers a path to obtaining a Green Card and citizenship.

Unlike the E-2 visa, the EB-5 visa is an immigrant visa that requires either an investment of $800,000 or $1,050,000 in a new commercial enterprise. Additionally, the petitioner must create at least 10 qualifying jobs within two years. The EB-5 visa does not have English language or work visa requirements and provides a direct route to a Green Card and citizenship for the petitioner, their spouse, and unmarried children under 21 years old. Individuals from almost any country can qualify for the EB-5 visa as long as they can demonstrate the source and traceability of the funds they are investing. The petitioner can choose to passively invest the capital in a project and be entitled to receive the investment back within 5 to 7 years, along with interest. Alternatively, they can actively invest in an operating business. Importantly, if eligible, the petitioner can legally reside in the USA from the day they apply for the EB-5 visa, and there is no need for sponsorship from an employer, school, or family.



When people think of fast food, hamburgers are the first

thing that usually comes to mind. Statistics back this up,

with nearly 1/3 of American fast food restaurants being

primarily focused on hamburgers (like McDonald’s and

Burger King). Pizza and sandwiches are the next most

common items on the menu.

The burger restaurant sector in the United States was

estimated at approximately 150.91 billion U.S. dollars in 2022.


Ghost kitchens are restaurants that sell food using ubereat,

doordash, grubhub and other delivery apps or pickup, do not

have a physical dining space for customers.

The global market size of ghost kitchens was valued at over 56.71

billion U.S. dollars in 2021 and is expected to grow in the future.

This market has been enabled by the rise of technology and

mobile food delivery apps, especially during the coronavirus

(COVID-19) pandemic when most restaurants were forced to stop

indoor dining and rely solely on takeaway and delivery sales.

Virtual Restaurant and Ghost Kitchens Market Size is projected to

Reach Multimillion USD by 2028, In comparison to 2023, at

unexpected CAGR during the forecast Period 2023-2028.



Over 185 million people expected to use

online food delivery services by 2025.

Food delivery is increasingly becoming a part of our lives.

Over 50% of adults state that takeout and delivery services are essential.

Revenue in the Online Food Delivery market is projected to reach US

$231.3 Billion in 2023.

Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 13.56%, resulting in a projected market volume of US $384.7bn by 2027.


Owning 50% of the restaurant qualifies you (and your family) to get

an investor visa (E2) for up to 5 years. 

There is an option to renew the visa.

E-2 is a non-immigrant visa that allows citizens of certain treaty countries to work in the U.S. for an extended period, provided the business they are investing in remains viable. It allows your children to go to school, often with in-state tuition and your spouse can work anywhere in the U.S.

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